Podcast of Paprika's Radio Interview

The podcast of Paprika Steen on The Bill Feingold Show on KNews yesterday, November 30, 2011, is available for free through iTunes.  Click here to visit the page.

APPLAUSE For The Arts!

In preparation for the December 2 release of APPLAUSE at the Cinemas Palme D’Or in Palm Desert, CA, the Palm Springs art community is coming out strong in support of the film. Promotional flyers for the picture have been made available at A Gallery Fine Art, Christian Hohmann Fine Art, Coda Gallery, Howard Schepp Fine Art, Richard Danskin Galleries, and J. Willott Gallery. Additionally, World Wide is pleased to be able to count on similar support from Hotel Zoso, Century Palm Springs, the Marriott Desert Springs Villas, and the Embassy Suites. Finally, Caballeros, the celebrated Gay Men’s Chorus Of Palm Springs (, is also graciously supporting APPLAUSE by encouraging members and friends to attend a showing of the film during the opening weekend. World Wide is anticipating the biggest turnout yet for this powerful picture.

Frisco Fun Ahead!

Great news!  APPLAUSE will be coming to San Francisco on Friday, April 13, 2012, for the grand finale of its US theatrical run.  That’s just one week prior to the San Francisco International Film Festival. World Wide is teaming up with Landmark Theatres for a multi-screen release that will span the Bay Area. Look  for the film to show at The Lumiere Theatre downtown and the Shattuck Cinemas in Berkley.  The film will also be coming to Seattle at the Landmark Varsity Theatre. Landmark is planning to heavily promote the picture, starting by running more than two dozen trailers. For more information, as well as plans for the release of APPLAUSE both on DVD and to ancillary markets, check back here.

On the Air in Palm Springs

With just four weeks to go until the December 2 release of APPLAUSE in the Palm Springs area, World Wide’s promotional efforts are in full swing as part of a joint effort with the Cinémas Palme d’Or. Ten trailers are currently running, advertising materials are posted, and a local news media is already taking an interest in the film. APPLAUSE star Paprika Steen will be the featured guest on The Bill Feingold Show on K-News Radio 94.3 on Wednesday, November 30th in the 9pm hour (Pacific Time). Additionally, plans are in the works to promote the picture via television to discerning film fans in the Coachella Valley area.

Holiday Happenings!

Just in time to kick off the Christmas season, APPLAUSE will premiere in two additional cities the first weekend in December. Look for it at the Celebration! Cinema in East Lansing, MI, and Cinemas Palme D’Or in Palm Desert, CA, two of the premier arthouse cinemas in their respective areas. Check back soon for show times and additional booking information.

Looking Ahead

World Wide is moving forward with plans to continue the general release of APPLAUSE. While the film is likely to land in San Francisco and Palm Springs next, plans are also in the works to bring it to the Hippodrome Theatre in Gainsville, FL, and the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, during the first quarter of 2012. The Charlotte Film Society, NC, has also shown interest in screening the picture at Theatre Charlotte. Check back soon for additional details.

The Critic’s Darling

The critics continue to rave: Paprika Steen’s raw performance in APPLAUSE is an experience not to be missed. The film has received an 89 percent positive rating on, everyone from The Los Angeles Times to recommends it, and comparisons to Cassavetes abound. Check out what else the critics had to say for yourself.

Paprika’s Back Stateside

Paprika Steen, who was in New York last December to promote the Oscar-qualifying release of APPLAUSE, has returned to the Big Apple to shoot her next picture, Keep The Lights On. The independent film from writer/director Ira Sachs follows the ups and downs in the long-term relationship of two gay men (played by DAMAGES’ Zachary Booth and Danish actor Thure Lindhart), beginning in 1997. The picture, which began production in late July, is headed for the film festival circuit. For the latest photo of a newly redheaded Steen from the set, visit

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Applause Applause

“One of the best screen performances of the year.”

- Karen Durbin, The New York Times

"Deeply affecting ... unflinchingly real."

- Betsy Sharkey, The Los Angeles Times

“An extraordinary performance by Paprika Steen.”

- Roger Ebert,The Chicago Sun-Times

"[Steen] brings a thrilling emotional nakedness and...unsentimental honesty to the part."

- Lisa Schwarzbaum, Entertainment Weekly

“A fearless, tour-de-force performance by star Paprika Steen...extracts the essence of Cassavetes' A Woman Under the Influence.”

- Alissa Simon, Variety

"Taut and daring"

- Andrew O'Hehir,, 'Pick of the Week'

One of reviewer Neil Curry's four films to watch


“Quite notable, particularly for its intense, stripped-down lead performance by Paprika Steen.

- Peter Knegt,

“A terrific performance by Danish film star Paprika Steen.”

- Dan Fainaru, Screen Daily

“Though utterly convincing as a renowned theater actress, it's clear from her work in Applause that Paprika Steen has a face for the camera [and] considerable on-screen magnetism...[A] journey [of] melancholy self-realization.”

- Matthew Connolly, Slant magazine

"Paprika Steen is absolutely harrowing and brilliant."

 - Chris Kriofske, Chlotrudis Society for Independent Film